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Drizzle ORM is a lightweight and performant TypeScript ORM designed to provide a thin, typed layer on top of SQL, making it an appealing way to operate an SQL database from TypeScript.

  • Operates on the philosophy “If you know SQL, you know Drizzle ORM”
  • Drizzle also offers a Queries API ​​so you can fetch relational nested data in a convenient and performant way
    • Drizzle queries always output a single SQL query so there is no need to worry about performance
  • Drizzle is lightweight with a bundle size of only ~7.4kb minified

You can think of Code Rabbit as a copilot for pull requests. Code Rabbit uses ChatGPT to provide context-aware review feedback on a pull request.

  • Integrates with Github and GitLabs
  • CodeRabbit Pro is free for open source projects

Since releasing the plugins beta, OpenAI have introduced GPTs and the GPT store providing numerous enhancements requested by plugin users. GPTs offer complete feature equivalence to plugins along with several additional features.

  • The creation of new conversations with plugins ended March 19th, 2024, and existing conversations will be allowed to continue until April 9th, 2024

A notable new addition to the node api in this release is the process.loadEnvFile() function.

  • This new function can replace popular env file loading solution libraries like dotenv
  • .env files support multiline values

The AWS SDK for JavaScript v2 will enter maintenance mode on September 8, 2024 and reach end-of-support on September 8, 2025.

  • It is recommend that you update to AWS SDK for JavaScript v3

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Published on Wed Apr 10 2024