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Econify builds beautiful web applications for the world wide web.

Ruby Development

Econify has been wowing customers since its inception in 2001. We've written a lot of code since then, and you can benefit from that experience.

We've Done It All

We've read all the Ruby books and manuals there are to read. We've made all the mistakes there are to make. We've used Ruby to build beautiful, intricate creations. We've dedicated years upon years of our lives to it. Simply put, we know everything there is to know about Ruby.

We Put The Pieces Together

You've decided to use Ruby because getting up and running quickly and intelligently is important to you. But which 3rd party services should you use? Where will you deploy? We know that seeing your project through is about more than just writing lines of code, and we'll be there to help with the rest.

We're Known For Our Service

We deliver only the highest quality work and stick around long after it's completed to help you every step of the way. It's our passion to go beyond what's expected by our clients, and they'll testify to that. Take a look at our testimonials and ask us for some references. Let them tell you why we're the perfect choice.

What People Say

"They have the ability to take what most would consider impossible and makes it a possibility in no time at all."
Creative Citizen
"One of the most responsive companies I've ever worked with. They have been there for us on short notice and continue to give us amazing help whenever we need it."
"Throughout the process we were constantly provided working code to look at and they were excellent at incorporating our feedback. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of support we received even after the final invoice was paid."
"The steel industry is highly specialized both with the type of products and terminology used to navigate them. I'm especially impressed with Econify's ability to understand my business and provide meaningful recommendations along the way."
Steel House
"Working with Econify is a real pleasure. Not only did Econify deliver on our specs, they created a database development framework as a by-product of their work with us. We have since adopted this framework for all of our online database products."


We only hire the most talented and experienced. That's why our staff is primarily comprised of senior ruby developers who would qualify as chief technology officers at other firms. They've turned clients' ideas into functional, powerful products hundreds of times over, and always striving to to improve their craft.


Linux Guru · Rubyist · Aspiring Yogi
Although an experienced rubyist, Vince recently hung up his development spurs to concentrate on business development and project management. Previously, Vince worked at Apple, Inc. as an Engineering Manager for several high profile projects such as iMac and Airport (Wi-Fi). Vince founded Econify way back in 2001.


Senior Rubyist · Node Mastermind · Avid Byciclist
Daniel has worked with all sorts of technologies, some of which are too embarrassing to admit in public. In prior lives he has worked on networking, data visualization and finance problems. His favorite language (apart from ruby) is C - for an open source project he's working on.


Railroader · Spanish Speaker · Sports Fan
Prior to working for Econify, Maggie worked for 10 plus years for Kessler International as a Sales Manager and had the opportunity to visit many train facilities throughout South America. At Econify, Maggie helps keep Partsbook running and their customers happy. When not working, Maggie can be found spending time with her two boys.


Ruby Wizard · Data Visualizer · Music Aficionado
John first taught himself to code using 16-bit Visual Basic 3.0 on a Pentium 2 and has learned many newer languages in the years since. Prior to joining Econify, he worked as a developer for several tech startups in midtown. He enjoys playing Go and, when the weather cooperates, bike riding in Central Park.


Ruby Pro · Javascript Genius · Burrito Specialist
Stephen's development career started early when he founded the first software-as-a-service school management software. Since then he's held the position of CTO at other start-ups, and provided solutions for e-commerce, event management, finance, telephony/communication, shipment management/auditing and entry-level job acquisition. Stephen prefers coding in ruby, but he's got no problem with full stack and front-end development.


Rubyist · JavaScript Sorcerer · Math Poet
Spencer is a web developer with a passion for responsive user interfaces and robust backends. He likes building cool things and has a special love for rails-based systems, javascript frameworks, and CSS. When he isn’t hacking away on his computer, Spencer enjoys riding his bike, quiet walks on the beach, and spending time with his wife in northern Virginia.


Rubyist · JavaScripter · Green Smoothie Drinker
Evan is a developer that loves to create interesting web applications with new technologies. He enjoys using Rails, JavaScript, and CSS to write for the full stack. Evan usually never leaves his computer unless he's trying out a new green smoothie recipe or going for a 5am run.


  • Front End Ruby on Rails Developer
    New York, NY or Washington, DC
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Front End Ruby on Rails Developer
New York, NY or Washington, DC

We're seeking front end ruby developer to work with our fantastic clients in downtown Manhattan or Washington, DC. You’ll be working with very bright programmers on a challenging and interesting project and get some excellent experience no matter how long you have been coding!

Here's What You'll Need
  • 3+ years working with JavaScript
  • 1+ years working with a JS framework (AngularJS preferred)
  • 1+ years working with Ruby on Rails
Great benefits
  • Competitive Salary
  • Awesome coworkers
  • Lots of vacation
  • Shiny new laptop
  • Healthcare
  • Dedicated time for pet projects
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