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Econify builds beautiful web applications for the world wide web.

Development What We Do

Econify has been wowing customers since its inception in 2001. We've written a lot of code since then, and you can benefit from that experience.

We've Done It All

You’ve already got a strong team of developers, but could use an extra pair of hands, or need an expert solution to get over a hurdle. Whether you need help with Ruby, Clojure or JavaScript we’ll come to you. Our senior developers can integrate into any team and any environment effortlessly and simply.

We Put The Pieces Together

You've decided to find expert developers because getting up and running quickly and intelligently is important to you. But which 3rd party services should you use? Where will you deploy? We know that seeing your project through is about more than just writing lines of code, and we'll be there to help with the rest.

We're Known For Our Service

We deliver only the highest quality work and stick around long after it's completed to help you every step of the way. It's our passion to go beyond what's expected by our clients, and they'll testify to that. Take a look at our testimonials and ask us for some references. Let them tell you why we're the perfect choice.

Technology and Languages How We Do It


We've read all the Ruby books and manuals there are to read. We've made all the mistakes there are to make. We've used Ruby to build beautiful, intricate creations. We've dedicated years upon years of our lives to it. Simply put, we know everything there is to know about Ruby.


JavaScript has been around since the early days of web design and so have we. It remains one of the most important tools for a developer and we’ve kept our skills sharp. Whether you're using JavaScript in its purest form, working with a framework like AngularJS, or even Node on the backed, our team has it covered.


You've got code up and running but now it's time to get it out in the cloud. Figuring out a deployment strategy can be almost as hard as the website itself. We've tackled these problems for Fortune 500 companies and we can help you too. From small to enterprise level solutions, we have the experience to make sure each investment is a wise one.

Testimonials What People Say

We deliver only the highest quality work and stick around long after it's completed to help you every step of the way. It's our passion to go beyond what's expected by our clients, and they'll testify to that. Take a look at our testimonials and ask us for some references. Let them tell you why we're the perfect choice.

Our Team Who We Are

We only hire the most talented and experienced. That's why our staff is primarily comprised of senior ruby developers who would qualify as chief technology officers at other firms. They've turned clients' ideas into functional, powerful products hundreds of times over, and always striving to to improve their craft.
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Vince Wadhwani

Linux Guru · Rubyist · Aspiring Yogi

Vince Wadhwani previously worked at Apple as an engineering project manager for several high profile projects such as iMac and 802.11 wireless networking. He also headed up operations as the president of Kessler International, an engineering firm dedicated to exporting US technologies to developing countries. Wadhwani received his MBA from Georgetown and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State. He has lived in over a dozen cities spanning 5 countries and 4 continents allowing him to get by in a number of languages and cultures. He uses those skills daily to survive his current city of residence: New York.


Daniel Harris

Senior Rubyist · Node Mastermind · Avid Byciclist

Daniel has worked with all sorts of technologies, some of which are too embarrassing to admit in public. In prior lives he has worked on networking, data visualization and finance problems. His favorite language (apart from ruby) is C - for an open source project he's working on.


Stephen Baldwin

Senior Rubyist · Javascript Genius · Burrito Specialist

Stephen's development career started early when he founded the first software-as-a-service school management software. Since then he's held the position of CTO at other start-ups, and provided solutions for e-commerce, event management, finance, telephony/communication, shipment management/auditing and entry-level job acquisition. Stephen prefers coding in ruby, but he's got no problem with full stack and front-end development.


John Naglick

Senior Rubyist · Data Visualizer · Music Aficionado

John first taught himself to code using 16-bit Visual Basic 3.0 on a Pentium 2 and has learned many newer languages in the years since. Prior to joining Econify, he worked as a developer for several tech startups in midtown. He enjoys playing Go and, when the weather cooperates, bike riding in Central Park.


Aaron Alfson

Senior Developer

Bio coming soon.


Spencer Baumgardener

Rubyist · JavaScript Sorcerer · Math Poet

Spencer is a web developer with a passion for responsive user interfaces and robust backends. He likes building cool things and has a special love for rails-based systems, javascript frameworks, and CSS. When he isn’t hacking away on his computer, Spencer enjoys riding his bike, quiet walks on the beach, and spending time with his wife in northern Virginia.


Midhun Dandamudi

Math Whiz · Javascripter · 'Movie & Cricket' geek

Discrete Math is Midhun's passion and programming is something he fell in love with right when he started to code in C++. Javascript is his new found love. While not at his computer, you can find him travelling and exploring his surroundings or at the movies!


Chandra Carney

Junior Developer

Bio coming soon.


Valentino Espinoza

Junior Developer

Bio coming soon.



“It never hurts to ask." Wise words passed down from parents and teachers that you can now put to practical use. You can contact us via email, telephone, or simply by filling out the form below.

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