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iOS Engineer

New York / Seattle / Miami / Austin
Swift, iOS
Company & Job Description

Econify is a team of highly-skilled software engineers that build mobile, smart TV, and web applications for enterprise media companies such as Bloomberg, Discovery Communications, NBC, and others. Our engineers have acted in roles ranging from leadership and planning to architecture and development. Our work reaches millions of users every day, and our engineers develop media experiences that change how billions of people discover, engage, and connect with the content they care about most.

Although we’re remote until 2022, our work generally happens on site with clients, working closely with their internal teams. We prioritize innovation and excellence, and we strategically place team members in the right positions for maximum impact.

We’re looking for engineers across the stack, including frontend, backend, and full-stack developers. Our engineers are resourceful, take ownership of complex problems, and are energized by the challenges of moving media forward. As an Econify software engineer, you will work on a project critical to our media partner’s needs and have the opportunity to change projects and teams as you grow. This position is perfect for a candidate looking to make the leap from a smart developer to a leadership role.

  • 2+ years of working with Swift
  • Experience working with third party libraries using the Swift Package Manager
  • Experience building maintainable and testable code bases. This includes API design and unit testing techniques
  • Experience with multithreading programming and mobile memory management
  • Strong object-oriented skills
  • AVFoundation knowledge is a bonus
  • Competitive salary
  • Liberal vacation time
  • Healthcare
  • A shiny new laptop
  • Awesome coworkers!

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