Tracking Encounters for Role Playing Games
  • Prepare Encounters Ahead of Time

    Whether it's a random encounter that you just want to have handy or you're preparing for a full blown adventure, RPGBuddy can help you. Create any encounter ahead of time complete with the PC's NPC's and Advesaries your group will face.

  • Automatically Roll Initiative

    If your group spends too much time rolling initiative, then RPGBuddy solves your problem nicely. Simply click the Roll button and let RPGBuddy do the work for you. RPGBuddy can use any die, include a d20, which is perfect for 4th edition D&D or Pathfinder campaigns. Like the feel of dice? No problem, you can manually enter player rolls too.

  • Track Hit Points & Status Effects

    RPG Buddy automatically rolls hit points for monsters according to a formula you specify. Then, while in the encounter, you can heal, damage, or apply status effects during combat. Never again forget who was marked, dazed, or damaged!

  • Adjust On the Fly

    Did a player delay his or her action? New monsters join the fray? No problem! RPGBuddy let's you manually drag the combatants around and add new creatures at any time.

  • Build Your Library!

    Since RPGBuddy let's you store both Creatures (players and monsters) and Encounters, you'll be able to build your own portfolio which you can carry with you no matter how many campaigns you run. Essential for any Dungeon Master!

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