Adding Locations

how to add locations and grow your community
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    Click the + button in the menu bar. On the Android version, select "Add Location" from the menu instead. If this is the first time you are submitting data, please give us your email address. We ask for this only to prevent spamming and to contact you in the event we do not recognize your entry.

    step 1
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    At first we try to guess your location. Should we guess wrong, or if you are adding a location and you aren't at the store itself, please click the GPS icon and enter the address manually.

    step 2
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    Enter the address, and then click
    "Show me on the Map"

    step 3
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    If we were able to find your location, you should it appear. If that's where the store you are adding is located, then go ahead and click "Done".
    Otherwise, select "No wait, take me back" and try again. The more specific the address you enter, the better our chances of finding it, so use a zip code if you have one.

    step 4
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    The final stage is back at the first screen. Enter the store name and any comments you have. Finally, select the "Add" button. At this point your location has been received! Thank you for helping to build a community. Please give us 72 hours to review and add your contribution.

    step 5